Location Omvikdalen Map Folgefonna National Park Start and stopping point Hjelmeland with "Nistovetunet" - protected historic farm yard. Parking The sign by the highway is pointing up to the parking by the new large barn "Revuro". Marking There are signs and an information board by the parking lot. T marked to Kvanto from the sign by the end of the road at approx. 600m AMSL. Grading Red Moderate hike, three boots according to the DNT system. Difference in altitude 100 - 992m AMSL Estimated Time 4 -5 hours round trip Recommended advice Few places have as harsh a climate as the area around Kvannto, and the map name Verhardo (harsh climate) seems appropriate. Overview There is an easy incline from the parking lot to the end of the forest road where the terrain flattens at approx. 600m AMSL. From here there are signs and T marking towards the south, first with a slight incline and then steeper up the ridge to the top where there is a cairn at Kvannto. There is a beautiful view of the mountains and Sunnhordland.  


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Where is Hike to Kvanto?

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