Location Rosendal.

Overview From the parking lot by the church, the distance to Bjørke is approx. 500 meters. Gravel road (toll road) without markings for 1.5 km to Åsvodl where the road flattens. The sign there points to T markings first on the forest road for 300 meters and then the path up the hill to the top from the last turn of the forest road. The large cairn at Navarhaug was erected for Rosendal Turnlag's 100th anniversary in 2001. From here, there is a 360 degree view to mountains and valleys, oceans and fjord landscapes and the third longest fjord in the world, the Hardanger Fjord.

Map Folgefonna National Park Rosendal Turgruppe's route map. Start and stopping point Bjørke. Parking By Kvinnherad church Marking There is an information board at the turnaround 50 meters before the arm barrier at Bjørke. There is a good gravel road without markings for 1.5 km to Åsvodl where the road flattens. From here there are T markings and signs. Grading Blue Easy hike, one boot according to the DNT system. Difference in altitude 100 - 501m MASL Estimated Time 2 hours round trip Recommended advice From Navarhaug, there are T marked paths to Vevik, Skjethaug/Neslia, Åsvodl, Kjeldestøl, Skåladalen/Ludnabekk, Nordlifjell and Myrdal. See Rosendal Turgruppe's route map and use your imagination to create interesting hikes.


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Where is Hike to Skålafjell (Navarhaug)?