Location Husnes

Map Folgefonna National Park

Start point, end point and parking At Husnes waterworks, 350 meters north of the roundabout on Helland.

Length to hiking destination 6,0 km

Marking •    Information board at the start point. •    T markings and signs along the path.

Grading RED – Demanding hike.

Difference in altitude 25 – 770 m AMSL

Estimated time for total trip 6 hours

Overview Follow the path from Bremstølsvatnet on the western side of the lake further to Lake Sundstølsvatnet. After a short, steep rise continue in relatively flat terrain to Lake Svartavatnet. Here you will find a cabin which is open to everyone.  From Lake Svartavatnet you may find marked paths to Manen 1.013, Englafjell 1.200 or you can take a roundtrip to Mjelkhaug 1.005 and from there descend by Vardhaugselet/Nordfjell or Bremstølsvatnet.  Svartavatnet can be found in the DNT App SjekkUt.

Recommended advice Lake Svartavatnet is drinking water for Halsnøy, Valen, Sunde and Husnes, so swimming is prohibited. Use your imagination to plan hikes from Herøysund, Storhaug, Nipen and Manen  

Where is Hike to Svartavatnet from Husnes?

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