On Talgje, the southernmost island of Finnøy, you will find several good hikes. Rich soil and a mild local climate have made the island's vegetation lush and exuberant. Despite large areas of the island being cultivated, Talgje is home to a decent population of deer. The island is quite flat – the highest elevation is only 51 metres above sea level. To get to the highest point of the island, a well marked trail leading up there comes highly recommended. To do the beautiful three kilometres walk, use Talgje kindergarten as starting point. The trail takes you down to the sea on the south side of the island. Here you follow the shore line, passing the heritage trail on the way. You arrive at Klubben, Talgje's highest point. Here, a cairn is made where you can sign your name into a guestbook. A beautiful view of Ryfylke awaits you here. The trail continues to Østabøvågen and you can pass through the Anker Gaard. From there return via the main road back to the school.

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Where is Klubben - hike to Talgje's highest point?