The Lonavatnet lake nature reserve is located in Sandnes and Klepp. The area was protected in 1996 to preserve an important wintering area for ducks and whooper swans. The lake is one of several lakes included in what we call the Figgjovassdraget lakes.

The water is shallow and nutritious and a lot of phragmites grow here. The lake is also an important breeding area with a dense population of reed warblers, several pairs of whooper swans, coots and ducks.

The Øksnevadtjørn lake was protected as a nature reserve in 1996. The purpose of the protection is to preserve a wetland area with naturally associated vegetation and wildlife. The Øksnevadtjørn lake is a kettle lake that was formed at the end of the ice age. The lake is a rich cultural landscape lake and is an important nesting, migration and wintering area for wetland birds.

The reserve has several red-listed plant species and covers an area of ​​about 30 acres. The Lonavatnet and Øksnevadtjørn nature reserves are two of 23 protected areas that are part of the Ramsar site Jæren wetland system, due to their importance as a nesting and resting place for migratory birds. The Jæren wetland system was established in 1985, and the number of sub-areas was expanded to 22 in 2002.


  • Øknevad
  • 4352 KLEPPE
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Where is Lake Lonavannet and Øksnevadtjern nature reserve?

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