Local tour map

Stord –Fitjar (1:50.000)

Start and end point

Parking place at Vabakkjen, at the entrance of Landåsen.


Follow the road from Leirvik centre towards Sagvåg. Turn right towards Stord vidargåande skule, Vabakkjen, then sharp left, and you are on the parking place. 
Information board at starting point. Signboarded according to new track-standards. The orienteering group has also marked several tour-loops with different  colours on poles and small-scale maps.


Green. Easy walking tour. Also convenient for prams. One boot according to the DNT- classification system.


From 30 to 60 meters asl.


1 hour.

Further information

The Landåsen-area is easy to access  from many different locations. There are parking places and entrances at Vabakkjen, Skiphaugen, Valvatna, Lønningsdalen and Vassenden at Nedre Litlabø. At some of the entrances there are small- scale maps showing where you are, and you have many, both long and short, track and path options once you have entered the area. From  Vabakkjen via Lønningsdal to Hadlabrekko the track is illuminated at night.

Tour details

This is a classic Sunday outing along a track with beautiful scenery all the way. You walk the gravel road to Landåsvatnet and turn left towards Skjepåsen just before the lake. At the next crossing there is a small-scale map and a signboard towards Eventyrskogen- a unique visual presentation of Norwegian fairytales along the forest road. This is a very popular goal, especially for all children. At the next crossing, turn right back to Landåsvatnet to complete the roundtrip.


  • 5417 Stord
+47 53 49 69 50


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