Landasteinen is a well known landmark on Finnøy. It is a large rock around four metres tall, and was placed on the edge of a hill during the ice age. For several thousands of years it has been towering like a monument on the top of Landaheien (Landa moors). The easiest access to the landmark is to walk from Døvika where there is a nice marked trail, following a tractor path almost all the way up to the Landasteinen (the Landa rock). During the German occupancy on World War II, there used to be a watch post up here by the rock, and to have easy access, the Germans made stairs from upper Landa up the mountain of Landa and behind Landasteinen. You can still se large parts of these German stairs here. When arriving at the rock, it is fun for both young and adults to try to climb on top of the rock. From here you can enjoy a spectacular view of Boknafjorden.

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  • Lauvnesveien
  • 4160 Finnøy
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Where is Landasteinen?