Lundsseter - Tysebotnen - Ravatnet - Lundsseter

Stad: Lundsseter, Stord
Map: Stord-Fitjar (1:50:000)
Start/stop point: Lundsseter kraftstasjon
Parking: At thepower station. Take off from E39 to Lundseter(in the road cross Førlandskrysset), just south of Grov. Drive past Fjellstova and on paved road to the power station.
Mearking: T-marks
Grading: Red, hard
Altitude: 255 - 463 mos
Lenght: 4-5 h

Turomtale:  Follow the marked path up Tyseskaret to Eldhushøgda and down Steinasmoget. Make a left at the path crossing and down the cleft/gorge towards Tysevatnet lake. Go along Tysevatnet lake and make a left at the path crossing. Follow the path over the ridge and down towards Tysebotnen, past the cabins and to a path crossing slightly above the lake. Follow the path up Breidalen valley over the hillock and downward to Hovtrongsvatnet lake. Make a left at the path crossing by Ravatnet lake. Follow the path along Ravasslio (a hillside) to Tysevatnet lake and make a right. Go across Vaulane, then across the dam and down the road to the parking lot.


  • 5417 Stord
+47 53 49 66 00

Where is Lundsseter - Tysebotnen - Ravatnet - Lundsseter?

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