From Kristiansund drive towards Averøy through the Atlantic tunell. Drive to Bruhagen on County Road 64 (Fv 64) an fottow signs to Kvernes. Continue on County Road 247 (Fv 247) to Mork. Park the car 450 meters before reaching Mork stadium.

From the car park walk for a couple of metres to the left and then go up a narrower path (hillside) on the right. Walk for about 150 metres and then take the left turn onto a wider road which is used for construction purposes. From the point where the road ends, follow the path further to the right walking through the spruce forest and the Morkasætra farm. Carry on following the path until you come to the Morkaelva river which runs down from Litlvatnet lake. Cross the river. Follow the path up the ridge. Here you might think you are looking at the top, but what you see is not the top of Mount Meekknoken. You are now at the top of Steinkorga mountain. From here on, the terrain flattens out and you can follow the path walking across the flat areas before the it starts climbing up inwards in the direction of Meekknoken. The final part of the trail gets somewhat steeper again.


  • 6530 AVERØY
70 23 88 00


  • Autumn
  • Spring
  • Summer
Level of difficulty:
  • Challenging (red)
  • Daytrip (4-12h)
Total ascent:
  • 615m

Where is Mount Meknoken hike from Mork?