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Listen to the nature interpreters at Runde as they share their many stories about the seabirds. They are eager to give you insight in the life of these remarkable creatures.

Use all of your senses

The adventure starts at Runde Environmental Centre where the hosts serve local, home made seafood. Out in the ocean gap they like to serve fish various forms. There will be more fish when the documentary "The Silver of the Sea" is shown. See the exciting story of mighty ocean currents, herring and seabirds at Runde.

After the stop at the centre, we depart for Goksøyra. You must have your own car to get to and from Runde, and it is most convenient to take the care from the Centre to the parking lot close to the hiking trails. From the parking lot at Goksøyra, the nature interpreter will take you up to the bird cliffs.

In the breeding season between April and August you can see several thousand puffins on the west side of the island. They spend most of the day on the sea and get up in the nests some hours before the sun goes down. Perhaps you are lucky to get a close look at the charming little Atlantic puffin.


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  • Opplev Runde AS, Rundavegen 237
  • 6096 Runde
+47 70 08 08 00


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Where is Puffinsafari with nature interpreters and local seafood?