The hike to Ramnstoknuten is signposted from the Dirdal marina. The summit is at 562 m.a.s.l. Th actual hike is not that far in length, however, there are some altitude metres to climb! You will need to cross the river Dirdalsåna via a footbridge. After the bridge, the trail is signposted to the top.

Along the way, you will have two alternatives for the hike; Via Skaret or Via Padlane. Via Skaret is the shortest, but also the steepest route. After the first climb, you are rewarded with a view of the Høgsfjord, where the two fjords Frafjord and Høgsfjord meet.

The hike can be done all year round, provided that there is not too much snow. The whole hike is 6,5 km, and takes approximately 5 hours return.

Where is Ramnstoknuten?