Location: Fonno, Fitjar Islands Map: Stord - Fitjar 1:50.000. Start and end point: Municipal quay at Fonno Marking: Information board at the starting point. Marked and graded after the new national standard. Signs in all crosspaths. Grading: Blue. Medium/average difficulty. Difference in altitude: 0 – 145 m. above sea level Estimated time: 1 hour (3,6 km) Good advice: Some wet areas. Use proper shoes

Tourdescription: The hike starts at the quay, then upwards along a tractor road, through farmland, past cultural heritage sites, and up to the school building in Fonno. A directional signboard points north to the marked path up to the highest point of the island, the cairn at Ramsberget, 149 m asl. In the cairn there is a guest book, where you may write your name. Here is also a good view of The Fitjar islands +  the municipality of Austevoll to the north, Fitjar and Stord to the south and Bømlo to the west. In Fonno farming is still a way of life, and both Aberdeen Angus, horses and an old brand of sheep may be seen.


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Where is Ramsberget on the island Fonno?