Roundtrip Heio - Agdesteinsfjedlet - Heio

Place: Stord
Turkarte: Stord-Fitjar (1:50:000)
Start/stop point: Parking at Heio
Parking Take off from E 39 to Lundsseter, aprox. 800 m  north of Ådland bridge, (or at Førlandskrysset 4 km longer north) follow the road 7 km to Fjellstova. From here aprox. 500 m to the road cross, take off av on partly gravel and a steep paved road to the right agaisnt Kattnakkjen aprox. 4 km. 
Information board: At Heio, marked anf graded after new national standar.
Grading: Blue, intermediate.
Altidtude: 390 – 472 mos.
Time: 2 h

Description: This is a loop (roundtrip) starting on Heio. The path goes eastward across the marshes, and on the south side of Hetlesætertjødno pond. It continues over gently rolling terrain to Agdesteinfjedlet mountain. Nice view over Langenuen, Huglo, Storsøy and Skorpo. The path then follows the power line down the valley and across the creek to the sign "Steinen". From the sign follow the valley up until you reach "Steinen" (a large rock). From here you follow the path that comes from Svartavatnet lake and back to Heio.


  • 5417 Stord
+47 53 49 66 00

Where is Roundtrip Heio – Agdesteinfjedlet – Heio?