Ascend: Drive up towards Mollandsmarki and park at Krossen (well marknad parking). Follow the road towards the farm and continue towards the summer path taking you through the forest. Abovet he woods you turn in on the southwest ridge taking you towards the summit. The steepest part of the path is between 850-1000m amsl.
For the very best views ski to the 1118m summit to the east.
Descend: Return where you came from. But if snow conditions allow you will find a great downhill run straight from the top towards west. Watch out so that you don't continue too far, but stear back into your tracks not to end up in thick forest. The amazing Fjord views more than makes up for the short downhill run. Follow the ridge down.

Total time: 3 hrs
Season: December – May
Danger: Avalanche, slippage, rocks.
Length of downhill run: 640 altimeter
Steepest terrain: 30 degrees between 850-1000m amsl.
Danger: Be aware of a couple of steep parts up the last ridge.


  • Morki 71
  • 6873 Marifjøra

Where is Ski mountaineering to Molden, Luster?