Stavang is a charming village on the western coast of Norway. The area is a great starting point if you want to go hiking or fishing!

The village is located 45 minutes by car from the coastal town of Florø and 30 minutes from Førde. In Stavang you'll find a grocery shop, accommodation, gas station and more. Ausevika, one of the largest rock carving sites in Norway, is located a 5 minutes' drive from Stavang. Here you will find over 3000-year-old figures. The rock carvings can be visited every day all year. There are more than 300 carvings of both animals and humans on the site. There are also "huntsman's art" with fertility and agricultural motifs, known as "Veidemannskunst". Ausevika is visitor friendly with a parking, footpaths, ramp access and infoboards in Norwegian, English and German.

20 minutes' drive from Stavang you'll find the village of Eikefjord. On summer days a visit to the beach in the centre of Eikefjord is a perfect excursion for families!


  • 6944 Stavang
+47 57 74 86 00

Where is Stavang?