Dolk is a Norwegian street artist best known for his stencil works. Born in 1979, he studied graphic design in Melbourne, Australia, before taking up stencils as his medium of choice after encountering Banksy's work. Based in Bergen, Norway, Dolk's works can be seen on walls and in galleries worldwide and remains the most well-known Norwegian street artist. His work Grenade Lovers was also issued as a print and is one of the artist's most notable compositions. It pictures a couple in an embrace with hand grenades in place of their heads.

Details Title: Grenade Lovers Creator: Dolk ​​​​Date Created: September 2006 Location Created: Øvre Holmegate 26, 4006 Stavanger Type: Painting Rights: ©Nuart Festival Medium: Spray paint Art Genre: Figurative Art Movement: Street Art Art Form: Stencil Support: Wall Depicted Location: Fargegata


  • Øvre Holmegate 26
  • 4006 STAVANGER

Where is Stavanger Street art: Grenade Lovers by Dolk?