Swoon is an American street artist best known for her intricate wheatpaste portraits. The artist achieves her signature style by carving wood or linoleum blocks, which are then printed by hand or by cutting through several layers of paper at once. Her imagery is drawn from friends, family and others she wants to acknowledge. Selectively choosing her subjects, Swoon aims to elevate the unseen or overlooked.

Taking a frenetic approach to art-making, David Choe makes use of a chaotic and impactful style, mixing the figurative and illustrative with the cartoonish and erotic. The artist's practice includes a wide range of tools and surfaces, but the work is continually arresting and mischievous. Choe has taken part in the Nuart Festival on multiple occasions, producing a wealth of works in a wide range of styles spread across the city.

Details Title: Untitled Creator: Swoon & David Choe Date Created: September 2009 Location Created: Bakkegata 20, 4006 Stavanger, Norway Type: Paste-up Rights: ©Nuart Festival, ©Ian Cox Medium: spray paint, paper, glue Art Genre: Figurative / Portrait Art Movement: Street Art Art Form: Paste-up Support: Wall Depicted Location: Amnesty International offices


  • Bakkegata 20
  • 4006 STAVANGER


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Where is Stavanger Street Art: "Untitled" by David Choe and Swoon?