Railway enthusiast or not, the old Jærbanen has absolutely everything a memorable and eventful trip should contain. Take a train, bike, walk or paddle. Swim, fish or picnic. Spring, summer, autumn or winter. Sleep in a tent, stand still or stroll slowly. Between boulders and ponds, woods and heather, blocks of kilt rock and rare anorthosite. The same rare rock found on the moon. All within a stretch of just over 8 kilometers.

The old discontinued railway section between Hellvik and Egersund from the time the Jærbanen was narrow-gauge, is the most beautiful and rich pedestrian and bicycle path we have in Dalane. Nothing less! The old route from the 1870s forms the mainstay. The road winds its way through a hilly landscape with countless vantage points, detours and picnic areas. We warn against a possible overdose of wonderful energy, inner peace and balance and a gratitude for the positive influence of the surroundings. Completely free. Absolutely green.

Along the hiking trail you will find Maurholen Station where the guard house can be rented for accommodation. Or put the children on the swing and give a push. Dog on a leash, baby in a pram. Try your luck fishing with a fishing license and fishing rod or experience panoramic views from Launesfjellet. Feel free to download the Magma Geopark app and find the treasure hunt «Geobike Egersund – Hellvik». But look up and keep all your senses open. Take deep breaths and exhale on your way, and fill your heart and mind (and camera) with the pleasures of nature. All while hiking, wondering and reflecting. Over what you encounter on this cultural-historical path. A trip that is part of both Dalane Kyststi and Kystpilegrimsleia.

We wish you a rewarding and good trip, and welcome again! And again. All year.

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  • Hellvik stasjon
  • 4375 HELLVIK

Where is The old Jærbanen railway?