The farm was run to the 1970s. In 1996 the Utladalen Naturhus Trust started restauring the old cultural landscape, and the old farm was included in this project. The Nature House of Utladalen opened in May 1998, and has to this day been run by the Utladalen Naturhus Trust. The main purpose of the Trust is to give information about the natural and cultural history of Utladalen and the western part of Jotunheimen, through an exhibition in the old barn at the farm. The employees of Naturhuset also run a very popular cafè during the summer.

You can rent a guide from Utladalen Naturhus - for a walk through the exhibition or for a hike in the area. Contact us in advance if you want to book a guide, by calling this phonenumber +47 959 65 158. 

From 20th of June-20th of August the cafè in Utladalen Naturhus is open. The cafè offers a selection of drinks, ice cream, waffels, coffee and more.  Pop in for a short visit on your way into the valley of Utladalen. The cafè is situated in the old main building of the farm Skåri, and history fills the cafè with atmosphere.  

The Utladalen Naturhus Trust started restauring the old buildings at Skåri in 1996, and it has been open to the public since May 1998.  


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Where is Utladalen Naturhus?