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A seafarer's beacon for 1,000 years

Ryvarden lighthouse is situated on the headland where Floke Vilgerdson, also known as Ramnaflòke, built the Floka cairn, which is said to be Norway’s first seamark. This cairn stood on the headland at Ryvarden for almost 1,000 years, but was replaced by a lighthouse in the mid-19th century. Ryvarden was in operation as a lighthouse station until 1984.

Memorial to the Sleipner accident

There was good reason for a seamark at Ryvarden through the ages. The sea here is rough and, at times, merciless. In November 1999, 16 people lost their lives in what is known as the Sleipner accident. A memorial, made by artist Arne Møland, has been erected at Ryvarden in memory of those who died in the accident.

Ryvarden Lighthouse and Cultural Centre

Ryvarden has now become a cultural lighthouse with a gallery and a café. You can also spend the night in what used to be the lighthouse keeper’s house. Ryvarden has also been awarded the St. Olav’s Rose, which is a stamp of quality for the preservation of Norwegian cultural heritage.

Flokehyttene cabins

The Haugesund branch of the Norwegian Trekking Association has built cabins (Flokehyttene) beside Ryvarden, where you can stay close to the sea and really feel the forces of nature.

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