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1. Urban sauna, history and a night to remember

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4,3 kilometres – 55 minutes

Good morning Stavanger! Ready to start your day with a warm, steamy sauna and a refreshing dip in the sea? DAMP sauna is a floating sauna located at the waterfront in the eastern part of the city. After an invigorating urban dip, your next step is to learn about Stavanger’s exceptional oil history. The Norwegian Petroleum Museum offers many different perspectives on the complex topic that is the petroleum industry. Lunch is served in the popular restaurant Bølgen & Moi located in the same building as the modern, interactive museum.

Next, we recommend a visit to the street, Øvre Holmegate, where the houses are all painted in bright and vibrant colours. In fact, the locals even have their own name for the street – Fargegaten (which translates to the street of colours). A popular street for coffee, and drinks and not to mention, filling up your friends’ Instagram feeds while you post away. Well past the colourful street, around the Stavanger harbour and into the heart of the picturesque Old Stavanger, you’ll find IDDIS The Norwegian Printing Museum and The Norwegian Canning Museum. The museum tells the story of and portrays the two early industries that dominated Stavanger before the finding of oil. You’ll learn about the industrial history of canning and of the printing industry, presented side by side.

Are you already a bit peckish? Could we tempt you with Stavanger’s most famous fish soup at the restaurant at the fish market, Fisketorget, a short walk from IDDIS The Norwegian Printing Museum and The Norwegian Canning Museum? Or, perhaps do it like the locals, eat a hot fishcake on the go from the fish market as you’re walking towards your next destination. Further, on your must-see list, is the Stavanger city park, Byparken, where you can, steps left permitting, stroll around the city lake and catch a small breather on one of the park benches. On the last leg of your walk, we recommend going to the stunning Stavanger Concert Hall. Warning! You might end up surpassing your 10,000 steps if you choose to attend a concert, something that would easily get those feet moving.

2. Art, history and urban nature

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6,6 kilometres – 1 hour and 24 minutes

After a good night’s sleep at the Frogner House Paradis, jump out of bed and head down to the ground floor of the building to Sirkus Renaa, a food hall consisting of an excellent patisserie, bakery, chocolate and ice cream factory, pizzeria and café to name a few, and in the evening, it’s a restaurant and bar. All are filled with craftsmanship, great foodie experiences and top-of-the-shelf culinary artists. After a good meal, walk through the beautiful Våland neighbourhood where old, white wooden houses proudly stand side by side. On top of the Våland district, you will reach both a stunning viewing point and a beautiful tower from 1895; the Våland tower. An ideal location to cast your eyes over the entire centre of Stavanger.

Continue with a stroll through the Vålandsskogen forest until you eventually reach Lake Mosvatnet, a popular park area and a green oasis close to the city centre. On the west bank of the lake, visit the Stavanger Art Museum where you can enjoy their vast art collection, from old to new art, presented in different exhibitions. Lunch is also served here. Art and lunch, what could be better? Next on your itinerary, follow the walking route around the lake and towards the city. The Museum of Archaeology in Stavanger is located on the edge of the residential area of Våland. Well inside the museum, catch a glimpse into the rich local archaeological findings from all over the Stavanger region. Once the need for knowledge and history is fulfilled, it’s time to do the same for your stomach. Head to the lively Lervig Local, where they offer food and refreshments. A good place indeed to finish off and reach your 10,000 steps for the day. A day with urban nature, culture and history combined with food in Stavanger.

3. A taste of shopping, food and a fjord

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3,9 kilometres – 52 minutes

Sandnes in 10,000 steps starts in the park Sandvedparken, a green lung leading all the way to the city centre of Sandnes. Sandnes used to be an essential producer of bikes, something you’ll learn all about at the museum Vitenfabrikken, a combined museum and science centre. A place to explore historical and interactive exhibitions and join in on the fun and informative activities over several floors.

The high street, Langgata, is one of Norway’s longest pedestrian streets, with fantastic options for shopping and food. Our choice for lunch is Gamlaværket, where a historical brickworks factory today is home to a hotel and a modern restaurant with a good eye for traditions. After lunch, continue to the city park, Rutenparken, a brand new park enabling people to meet and use the urban space together. The oval roof formation is the most visible detail, however, the park also has a skatepark, playground, street food trailers and fountains. The bold architecture continues towards the harbour area in Sandnes, where the local culture house looks over the new town hall and the fjord, Gandsfjorden.

On the north-eastern side of the urban city centre, you’ll find a mountain range spanning the whole eastern side of the Gandsfjord. We’re not recommending hiking across the whole mountain range today, as this would result in a lot more than 10,000 steps. But, hey, you’re welcome to come back for mountain hikes. Instead, we recommend completing your 10,000 steps at the start of the mountainous area, where you can climb up the 306-step-long Hanatrappene (the Hana stairs) to a brand-new viewpoint overlooking Sandnes.

4. Porcelain, steam and chocolate in Egersund

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2,9 kilometres – 41 minutes

An hour’s train ride from Stavanger takes you to the charming city of Egersund: a hidden gem in southwestern Norway. After a short walk from the train station, your first stop is the Egersund Faience Museum, where the local, historical porcelain industry is presented. An important industry in Egersund – for more than 132 years, the factory in Egersund supplied the Norwegian people with pottery for all occasions.

The next stop is a delicious treat! Located amongst beautiful, traditional wooden houses in the centre of the city, you’ll find something to soothe your sweet tooth, namely the chocolate factory Egersund Chokoladefabrikk & Co. Shop scrumptious chocolate gifts for your friends and family or simply treat yourself to that sinfully tasty chocolate. If you plan your trip ahead, you could also participate in one of their chocolate-making courses. And if after nibbling on all that chocolate you can still find room for lunch, we have the best recommendation for you. The restaurant EIGRA Kjøkken & Bar, located in the historical Grand Hotell Egersund, is just the place. Needless to say, local produce is on the menu, and you can choose between sharing menus, light bites or a full-on proper meal to satisfy all your taste buds.

After this good meal, you’ll have to get that pump racing again, not to mention achieve some more steps on your pedometer. Coastal Adventures can help you do just that! Along the Egersund coast, choose from coasteering, kayaking, SUP boarding or simply relaxing in a warm sauna floating on the water at the harbour of Egersund. Use your final steps in Egersund to see the sunset over the city and the bay from the viewpoint up at the Vardberg mountain. 

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