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When you visit Hardanger and the Norwegian fjord landscape in autumn, you understand why this paradise is on the bucket list of tourists from all over the world. In the region's heart – specifically Odda, Sørfjorden, and Ullensvang – you will find a string of unique experiences that will leave you speechless.

And the best part? In autumn, you almost have all of Hardanger to yourself!

World-class nature

No matter where you turn, you are met by a rarely lush and enchantingly beautiful landscape. You are surrounded by steep mountains, charming villages, notable attractions, and activities here anywhere you turn. Iconic destinations such as Dronningstien, Husedalen Valley, and the Folgefonna Glacier are all close to each other. Still, it is undoubtedly Trolltunga that has the most significant appeal. As perhaps the most spectacular rock formation in all of Norway, people from all over the world dedicate their vacations to Hardanger to experience Trolltunga.

And it is when you stand on the tip of the tongue, hovering 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet, while you glimpse the Folgefonna glacier in the background that you understand why. Every single step on the way up is worth it. The hike is long and demanding but entirely doable with a guide.

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No one has been to Trolltunga more than the skilled guides of Trolltunga Active and Trolltunga Adventures. In addition to making the hike as safe as possible, they will make the trip more memorable with exciting stories and tips for the best photo spots only known by the guides!

Visit the Trolltunga official website for everything you need to know for this trip.

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Recharge at Hotel Ullensvang

But Trolltunga is an adventurous destination that you should take your time to enjoy. Since there are so many other attractions nearby – combined with the hike itself being a full-day trip – you should have several overnight stays when you first visit Hardanger and Sørfjorden.

When you first spend a few nights in the region, it is difficult not to mention Hotel Ullensvang. The combination of facilities, history, and hospitality, perfected since the doors first opened in 1846, makes the hotel considered one of the best in Norway. With its incomparable pool, wellness, and leisure areas, few hotels are better suited to recharge and enjoy nature than the traditional hotel on Lofthus's fjord edge.

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Fine dining with a glacier view

But it's not just the nature in Hardanger that holds high quality. The same can be said about the many food and drink experiences. We recommend stopping by Buer Restaurant, a short drive from Hotel Ullensvang & Trolltunga. The restaurant, located in the glacier valley "Buerdalen," has received top-notch reviews from local, regional, and national press, and it has not been without reason. Here, chefs with experience from Michelin restaurants create culinary gems based on fresh, local ingredients. This, combined with the spectacular nature found in Buer and Buerdalen, means that more and more people are discovering the unparalleled total experience that Buer Restaurant offers.

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PS: Also, check out "Cider from Hardanger."

Hardanger is the fruit capital of Norway, and for generations, the famous Hardanger apples have been pressed and processed to perfection. However, the popularity, quality, and standard have reached new heights in recent years. Now, Cider from Hardanger can boast several national and international awards. Like "Champagne," "Cider from Hardanger" is a geographically protected designation - the only of its kind in Norway!

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Hardanger – the best Norwegian fjords have to offer

With a unique blend of fjord, mountains, glaciers, history, hospitality, and culinary experiences, Hardanger is the ideal destination for an autumn vacation you will never forget. Here, you will experience the best of Norwegian nature in one region, with several of Norway's largest and most famous attractions within a short distance of each other.

Visit the Hardangerfjord website for a full overview of the region and more travel tips.

Find your space in the fjords this autumn

If you are looking for spectacular and refreshing experiences that make your heart race, find your space in the fjords this autumn.

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