Feelthefresh water oftheSognefjord and see the porpoises playing around the kayak. In the Sognefjord, kayak tours are available with or without a guide, courses, equipment and magical experiences.

Paddling a kayak beneath really steep mountainsides with cascading waterfalls or between icebergs on the turquoise water of glacier lakes is a unique way to experience nature. The kayak companies offer exciting guided trips for both beginners and experienced kayakers.

Kayak Sognefjord

Discover the Sognefjord from a Stand Up Paddleboard.

This is a truly stunning adventure! Feel the fresh water of the Sognefjord, surrounded by steep mountainsides that cross more than a thousand meters above sealevel enhancing the visual impression. From a SUP you are free to explore places that you do not reach by boat or car.

The fact that you are standing and paddling, gives you a better view and a different perspective of the water around you than in a traditional kayak.

SUP Sognefjord

Rafting and canyoning

In for a fresh experience and adventure? The rivers and waterfalls in the Sognefjord are spectacular from a distance, but even more spectacular if you swim or paddle downstream on a rafting or canyoning trip. You set the bar, the guides make sure you don´t set it too high.

Rafting and canyoning