The farm court yard at Helgeland is located 285 metres above sea level. Currently, the farm is run as a sheep farm with one family living here. From Helgeland, the track goes straight uphill. The trip is varied and eventually you arrive at some nice viewing points. If you are lucky, you will see wild sheep, elk and deer in the area. In the appropriate season, you could find both blueberries and cranberries. 

The tour continues until you arrive at a stone wall that "Store-Jon" put up here, probably around 1855. The stone fence is 1 metre-high, and about 200-300 m-long. Parts of the fence have recently been repaired. Getting to Bandåsen gives the impression of being on the very roof of Ryfylke. To the west, you see the islands and Stavanger, to the east, you see the Ryfylke moors, to the north, Jelsa and Nedstrand and to the south, Hjelmeland and Fister. The return is via the same track. 


  • 4160 Finnøy
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Where is Bandåsen?