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The road between Værlandet and Bulandet is a popular cycling route. From the six bridges that link the Islands together, you have a grand view of the Islands and the sea. The road that connects the two Island communities is about 10,8 km long, counting from the ferry quay at Værlandet to the quay in Bulandet.

Where are Værlandet and Bulandet located?

Værlandet and Bulandet are located further west in Askvoll municipality. It takes about two hours to travel from Førde to Værlandet and Bulandet, and 3-4 hours from Bergen to Værlandet and Bulandet. You must take the ferry from Askvoll or Fure to Værlandet. It is also possible to travel by Norled´s express boat, which has daily departures from Bergen or Selje to Askvoll. From Askvoll, take the ferry that goes out to Værlandet. At the quay you can hire a bike from Joker Værlandet.

Island Hopping with the postal boat from Solund, Bulandet and Værlandet

In the summer, you can go Island Hopping with the postal boat from Solund to Bulandet and Værlandet. Read more about it here

Can I hire a bike out there?

Yes, you can hire a bike at the local stores in Værlandet and in Bulandet. You can also choose whether you want to cycle one way, or if you want to make it a round-trip. Pick up your bike at Joker Værlandet or Joker Bulandet and explore the Island communities. When you are done exploring, you can either return your bike to Joker Værlandet or Joker Bulandet, regardless of where you picked it up.

Contact information Joker Værlandet

Tel +47 577 30 120

Contact information Joker Bulandet

Tel +47 577 32 144

A few highlights worth experiencing

  • Hamnaholmen in Værlandet - enjoy a good cup of coffee before cyling
  • The North Sea trail and the cliffs on Værlandet
  • Bulandet Exhibition
  • Halsøyhågen, viewpoint in Bulandet
  • Sculpture at Hillersøyhågen in Bulandet
  • Scallops in Myrvågen; picnic and swimming area
  • Hiking to Gjørøylykta

More information about Værlandet and Bulandet can be found here


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Where is Biking Værlandet and Bulandet?