The hike up to Frafjordhatten (Frafjord Hat) is challenging but worth the trip. It towers 300 metres over the surrounding mountains, and the view from the top is impressive, especially toward the south and west.

You can park at the country house at Molaug located along the road encountering the valley Fraforddalen. From here, hike over the river and follow the trail toward Håland where the trail splits in two. Take a left turn and follow the old sheiling route taking you up some 500 meters high. Even though it's a strenuous trek, it's worth it, hiking past beautiful and lush scenery along a river and small streams.

On the top of the hill, cross an aluminium bridge. From here, you can choose between two different trails. One path goes to the right after the bridge along the lake Stølsvannet and one goes to the left after the bridge and goes a little higher in the valley. If it's rainy and wet, the upper path is the best, however, you could also hike on the path up and one path on the return.

When you arrive at the lake Murtedalstjørna, you'll need to cross a stream on a wooden bridge, consequently, you'll have two choices in front of you to get to the top of the mountain Frafjordhatten. One choice is to walk diagonally up towards the valley until meeting the tree line before following the hill upwards to the left again, or you have the choice of passing the cabin located at the lake Murtedalstjørna and then follow the trail to the left of the cabin. You'll need to follow the path uphill before turning right in the direction of the top. Both paths are steep and in rugged terrain. The hike is not marked and with no form of signposting, so please bring a map of the area before you embark on the hike.

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  • Frafjord
  • 4335 Dirdal
51 61 42 00


Level of difficulty:
  • Challenging (red)
Total ascent:
  • 1493m
  • 13.7km
  • Daytrip (4-12h)
  • Autumn
  • Spring
  • Summer

Where is Frafjordhatten?

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