The hike up to Frafjordhatten (Frafjord Hat) is challenging but worth the trip. Frafjord Hat stands 815 majestic metres high. It towers 300 metres over the surrounding mountains and the view from the top is impressive, especially towards the south and west. You can see as far as North-Jæren, Stavanger and Bokn. Looking out towards the north and east you get a wonderful view over Frafjord and the Espeland highlands.

The trail is partly marked and takes you through forest and mountainous terrain. The trail is not suited to inexperienced walkers and the hike to the top takes between 7 and 8 hours.

The trail starts where Frafjord Rive meets the fjord and is marked with red markings just above the car park. The trail snakes its way up though deciduous forest with beautiful old oak and lime trees. At around 450 metres the landscape opens open to a vast heather-covered heath.

The trail continues to the east of Lake Dypingen and climbs up to Flæetjørn (626 m above sea level). If you are going up to Frafjord Hat, its best to og up the scar north of Flætjørn. You cross a small valley before the last ascent up to the top. Follow the small cairns. Og the same way on your return until you reach the small valley, where you to the left and down the scar to Murtedalen, where you meet the trail again. Follow the trail over the bridge to Kommedalsstølen and Kjærlighetsstien.

The last stage is Norddalen where it is downhill. Some places are quite steep but you keep going on the old track. When you have come down to Molaug it is asphalt for around four kilometres back to the fjord.

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Where is Frafjordhatten?