Vikeså has got a new destination in the city center. "Gapahuk Storafjellet" which is not really a gapahuk, but a cabin open to everyone. Built on the initiative of local enthusiasts, on a peak at an altitude of 500 meters in the middle of Vikeså center. Add an afternoon trip to the new gapahuken / day trip cabin on Storafjellet in the middle of Vikeså center! About. 500 masl, spectacular views and the opportunity to make coffee on the wood stove when you get up. Several possible hiking trails up; steep but well organized. Ladders and stairs are bolted to the steepest sections. Parking, for example, at Storafjell Kindergarten, at the top of the Tjødnaråsen residential area by Lauvtjødna, or at Skjæveland. All trails are well marked. Moderately demanding terrain, walking time just under an hour if you start at Storafjell Kindergarten.


  • 4389 VIKESÅ
51 20 11 00

Where is Gapahuk Storafjell?