This route is possibly one of the country's nicest commuters routes, it is almost completely flat, and goes parallel to the railroad partly along the ocean. The route goes through green areas, forest areas where there are plenty of places to stop, along beaches, swimming spots and playgrounds. Some short parts of the route go through residential areas. At Jåttå, you pass along half a kilometer through an office building area, however always on car free bike path zones.  Start: Gausel station, Gauselvågen. Stop: Sandvikveien, around three km south of Stavanger city centre. Challenges: None. Car traffic: Very little, only crossing of a few slightly busy roads. Bike types: All types. Special considerations: Be aware of commuters on bike at high speed. This route is part of a series of green bike routes by Syklistenes Landsforening, close to the city, stress free bike routes in the largest cities of Norway. Find the rest of the routes on Syklistenes Landsforening's website.


  • Gausel stasjon – Hillevåg
  • 4032 STAVANGER


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  • Spring
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  • Winter

Where is Gausel station – Hillevåg?