Ledaal was built in the period 1799-1803 as a second home for the Kielland family. The builder was the merchant and chamberlain Gabriel Scanche Kielland, the great grandfather of writer Alexander Kielland. The author himself has never lived at Ledaal, but was among the guests in the glorious social activities that took place here. In Kielland's novels you can recognise traits from the manor house, the building itself and from family members and other people related to Ledaal.

The main building is a good example of the taste and style of the time, giving a good insight into life in the upper class in the first half of the 19th century. The interior is richly furnished with furniture and other furnishings in rokokko, Louis XVI, empire and biddermeier. Ledaal is today operated as a museum, royal residence and representation hall for Stavanger municipality. The entire facility with buildings and park is protected. The building from 1799-1803 has exhibitions over three floors and is unfortunately not adapted for visitors with a wheelchair. Baby prams can not enter into the exhibition.

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  • Eiganesveien 45
  • 4001 STAVANGER
51 84 27 00

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