Through the development of the seafront in Sandnes, the harbour and industry have in recent years been replaced by housing, shopping centres, hotels, cultural centres and colleges. The old part of the city is cut off from the sea by the railway. The quarters here are characterised by wooden buildings with two to four floors.

Langgata is the traditional shopping area, a pedestrian street that everyone visits on Saturdays for market trade, shopping, cafes and nightlife. Through the Norwegian Wood competition, Sandnes municipality wanted to build a stage and shelter in the central space in Langgata, as a contribution to the revitalisation of the old part of town in the face of the increasing competition from the harbour front. The room was to be flexible, and open to different interpretations and different functions. The roof's semi-transparent construction, with its iconographic barn shape, is supported by oak column beams.

Lanternen (translates to the lantern) is used for market trade during the day, and in the evening for cultural activities with the possibility of 100 seats and a stage. The roof captures the light in several colours during the day and is illuminated in the evening to appear like a giant lantern.

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  • Langgaten
  • 4306 SANDNES
51 85 92 00


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Where is Norwegian Wood – Lanternen?