Øglændsparken is centrally located in the centre of Sandnes, only two blocks from Langgata (the main pedestrian street). It is one of the two existing city parks that are connected to the old part of the city centre. The location of the park also makes it a green lung close to the city centre and is an important part of the traffic route for pedestrians and cyclists to and from the city centre.

Recreation and playing

The park has a larger lawn, a playground, two sculptures, a stone-laid recreation area, as well as walkways with adjacent seating. Along the park, in recent years, priority has been given to planting perennials along the bed on the southwest side of the park. Today, the park is widely used by the elderly and by kindergartens. People who work in the area often use the park for breaks and lunch.

Gift from Jonas Øglænd

The area that today is Øglendsparken was given in 1939 as a gift to the city's inhabitants by bicycle factory owner Jonas Øglænd. Jonas Øglænd considered the establishment of the park to be important both for the population and for the 500 employees at the bicycle factory. When the park was established, the Øglænd bicycle factory was located east and northeast of the park. Due to the war, the park and the playground in the park were not built until 1945. The park was established in the neoclassical style. In 1952, Jonas Øglænd donated a sculpture to Øglændsparken. The sculpture, a small teddy bear in bronze, was commissioned by the artist Stinius Fredriksen at his suggestion. The sculpture was assembled by the urban gardener in February 1954. The sculpture "Boys jump buck" was given as a gift from the company G. Block Wathne AS to Sandnes city's 125th anniversary in 1985. The sculpture was made by artist Astrid Dahlsveen (source: Sandnes municipality). 


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