Sokndal church is built in Louis XVI style and has 600 seats. The church is built on the same site as a previous church. During restoration work, it has been found that timber and roof planks from the old church have been used in the new one. Much of the interior also comes from the old church, in addition to some new things. The organ is from 1995 and built by Orgelmakerij Gebr. Reil in the Netherlands and it is adapted to the interior of the church.

Sokndal church has an altarpiece that dates from 1608 and was painted by Peter Reimers. Later, "wings" were placed on the altarpiece. These are carved by Lauritz Snekker and painted by Gottfried Hendtzchel. The church has a beautiful pulpit that was carved by Andrew Smith in 1866 who, a few years earlier, carved the pulpit in Stavanger Cathedral. The baptismal font in Sokndal church is called "human" and was carved in wood by the parish priest Oluf Drageland in 1724. A statue of a child is holding the baptismal font with both hands raised above his head. As usual in old churches, a sailing ship hangs from the roof of the church. This was probably made by Nils Hanson Elle in 1662. The altar silver is also old, from the 1620s. There are two old paintings hanging in the church, one is "Lazarus 'Resurrection" and the other is "Jesus' Circumcision".


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