Sola ruinkyrkje (church ruin) also referred to as Sola old church is built on the remains of a Romanesque stone church from the early 12th century. In 1871, the church was purchased by the painter Johan Bennetter (1822 - 1904) who turned it into a residence. Large parts of the church were demolished during World War II. The church was then rebuilt and restored in 1995. Sola ruinkyrkje is today used for concerts and other gatherings, and the church is one of the region's most popular churches to get married in. Erling Skjalgsson's church? It is quite possible that this was a former stave church in wood, which was built by Erling Skjalgsson in connection with his farm at «Church-Sola». The location of the church in the middle of Sola with a view of Solastranden beach, the sea, Rott island and Hafrsfjord makes this a natural place to have a manor. Today, a large monument stands as a memorial to Erling Skjalgsson just outside the church.

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  • Bautavegen 10
  • 4050 Sola
51 65 34 80

Where is Sola ruinkyrkje (ruin church)?