Suleskarvegen is known as the highest road connection in the south west of Norway. The road stretches from Suleskar in Sirdal to Brokke in Setesdal and takes you over the mountains to Dalen and Høydalsmo in Telemark.

Explore the scenic road Suleskarvegen

From the fjords of western Norway, the road winds through the mountain regions of Agder and Telemark. Unforgettable impressions await you; from charming and vibrant towns to authentic rural culture and breathtaking mountain scenery. So take your time, look around and enjoy your trip! 

It is as if the Suleskar road was made for motorbikes!

It winds its way between fjords and mountains, down steep mountain sides, along high mountain ridges and through quaint villages. The road has been awarded "one of Norway's best motorbike roads" by among others Bike magazine. The Suleskar road has become southern Norway's eldorado for motorbike enthusiasts. Why don't you try it too! 

Winter closed road

Suleskarvegen is closed for the winter from 1 November to around 21 May. Check the national road information page ( in order to finding excact dates for opening and closing of the road. 


  • Suleskar
  • 4330 Ålgård
51 85 92 00

Where is Suleskarvegen?