The burial mounds are a collection of burial mounds and are one of the largest and richest archaeological finds from the Bronze Age (ca. 1800 - 500 BC) in Norway. There are seven burial mounds in the area, but three of these are visible today. One of the mounds has been restored, and the other two are open, so it is possible to enter them. A woman's grave has been found, from approx. 1400 BC and a man's tomb from 1200 BC. It is more than 100 years since the mounds were excavated, and they found several beautiful bronze jewelry. You can see the objects on display at the Archaeological Museum in Stavanger city centre. The find shows that it was a woman of a chieftain family who was buried at Rege. The tomb was designed in the same way as they did in Denmark in the same time period. The burial mounds also confirm the area's heyday during the Bronze Age.


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Where is The burial mounds at Rege?

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