– feel the power of the mighty ocean

Length: 179 km
Duration: 3 hours 35 min


  • 40 km, 50 min

From Molde you drive RV64 towards Elnesvågen. We recommend going via Skaret, where you can visit a cosy café with local food on the menu. Alternatively you can drive the Tusten tunnel. Follow RV663/664 westwards to the fishing village of Bud. The ocean view here is marvellous, and you can experience World War II history at Ergan Coastal Fort. In the 16th and 17th century, Bud was the biggest trading post between Bergen and Trondheim. Popular fish restaurant Bryggjen i Bud.


  • 27 km, 35 min

The Atlantic Road was opened in 1989 and starts in Bud. Follow RV663 north along the coast. Several facilitated picnic spots along the way, where you can easily park. Nice coastal paths signposted from the road in Bud and on Nordneset, Farstad. Bring your fishing gear and try your luck out here. You can also visit the factory outlet of the wool producer Lanullva at Lyngstad. Stop at Askevågen viewpoint. Drive via Skottenvika to Vevang, where the Atlantic Road zigzags across bridges and rock-fills from island to island. The stretch with bridges in itself is 9 km long. A stone's throw or two to the west, the shipping lane crosses the notorious waters of Hustadvika, concealing innumerble wrecks. People often go here when the autumn storms starts to rage. Make sure to stop at Eldhusøya and walk the floating walking path. There is also a café here.


  • 38 km, 45 min

RV64 continues all the way to Kristiansund over the island of Averøya. Nice detours towards west, or you can drive "the inward side" and get to see Kvernes Stave Church. Tunnel from Bremsnes to Kristiansund.

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  • Torget 4
  • 6413 MOLDE
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