Jæren beaches from Vigdel to Bore beach. The beaches are a fantastic place to walk and take in the wide horizons and endless sea. Most of the beaches are sand beaches with sand dunes, although there are also a few pebbled beaches. Start at Vigdel beach, where there are good parking areas. Vigdelstranden beach lies inside a bay, and is quite a shallow beach, therefore perfect for families and kids in summer for swimming and playing. Good facilitated parking space (few places, come early). For the hike to Bore, follow the beach and coastline south, past Sele harbour, to Bore beach. Bore beach (Borestranden) is arguably one of the nicest beaches in the country, and three kilometre-long. There are toilets and a kiosk by the camping at the beach. Along the fv. 507.  The beaches are stops along the Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren stretching from Ogna to Bore, and is 41 km-long.

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  • Vigdelstranden
  • 4053 RÆGE
51 85 92 00

Where is Vigdel - Bore?