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Note! This option is not available for booking during school holidays, such as summer and autumn breaks, as the return bus only operates on school days.

Round Trip: Molde - Midsund - Molde

This round trip takes you to Midsund on Otrøya in Romsdalsfjorden, where only a few small islands and islets separate the island from the Atlantic Ocean. The tour is offered by bus and ferry to make it easier to reach Midsund for a hike in the Midsund Steps. Travel by bus and ferry to Rakvåg. Take the bus to the Rakvåg north stop. From there, walk about 500 meters back in the direction the bus came from, to the starting point for the hike up the mountain.

The hike up Rørsethornet is one of the 'Midsund Steps'. Sherpas from Nepal have built magnificent stone steps up the mountain. These steps protect the terrain from wear and make the ascent safer, especially in wet weather.

Practical Information

The stonework itself is an attraction. Add to this the fantastic views of the mountains, fjord, and ocean, making it truly worth the trip. The terrain is steep, but the steps make it easier for more people to take this hike. Make sure you wear enough clothes and good footwear, as it can be cool in these parts even in summer.

The trip to Midsund can be booked all year round, but in winter, it may not always be advisable to climb the steps. Check the conditions before you go! Before tackling the Midsund Steps, we recommend preparing by reading more about the hike. For hiking descriptions, see the book: The best hikes in Midsund.

  • Departure from: Molde traffic terminal, track 5
  • There is no possibility to buy food or drinks near the starting point of this hike, so make sure you bring what you need.
  • When you book this tour, you will receive an email with a ticket valid for the entire journey. You will also receive a hiking description that includes detailed information about departure times and where to change transport, as well as some information about the hike and destination.

About the Midsund Steps

The Midsund Steps consist of four hiking trails, parts of which are fitted with stone steps by Sherpas from Nepal - an impressive work that will bring joy for hundreds of years. The structure with the steps is worth the hike itself, plus you get a fantastic view of mountains, fjord, and sea.

  • Rørsethornet (659 meters above sea level) - One of the world's longest continuous stone steps with 3292 steps
  • Digergubben (527 m.a.s.l.) and Midsundhornet (483 m.a.s.l.)
  • Bløkallen (522 m.a.s.l.) - perhaps the finest hike along the old Kløvstien
  • Aksla (110 m.a.s.l.) and Akslahornet (411 m.a.s.l.) - the shortest hike to the viewpoint Aksla, more challenging towards Akslahornet.

Guide for the Hike?

It's also possible to hire a guide for the hike, see 'Four Peaks in Midsund' with Outdoors AS

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Travel Like the Locals

This is a 'Travel Like the Locals' tour. These tours use regular route buses, ferries, and speedboats, but we have planned the journey for you so you can focus on enjoying the trip. You travel independently - there is no guide or tour leader with you. On most tours, you will need to change between different means of transport several times, and you are responsible for catching the next stage - just like local travelers! (The tours are arranged so that buses, ferries, and speedboats correspond.)

The tours cannot be booked on holidays and during holiday periods such as Easter and Christmas due to different timetables. The timetable shown applies to the periods when the tour can be booked.


  • Hamnegata 35
  • 6413 Molde
+47 70 23 88 00

Where is Bus to hike: Midsundtrappene Rørsethornet?