Solund Rorbuferie has three cabins with high standard, right by the sea. Each fisherman´s cabin can accommodate 6 (8) people and can be rented all year round, in addition to fisherman cabins that can be rented for parts of the year. Enjoy great days in the outdoor area. Here you will find a barbecue exchange that is open to all guests. The barbecue exchange can room 20 people.

Solund Rorbuferie offers boat rentals so you can experience the island paradise from the sea. If you want to explore the North sea trails in the area, you will find a map at Havkroa. You will find great mountain hikes in the area. Among others Sperrefjellet and Håfjellet which are close by. 

Havkroa At Havkroa, food and drinks are served every day during the summer holiday. Otherwise during the year, groups of at least 10 people can book. Havkroa accept companies where all meals are served. You can arrange christenings, confirmations, birthdays etc. Havkroa can host conference for a maximum of 30 people, and has all the facilities in place.  About the area: You cannot get further west in Norway than Solund. With more than 1700 islands and islets surrounded by the open sea Solund is an eldorado for deep-sea fishing year around. Here you can catch species like cod, halibut, saithe, haddock, pollack and ling.

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