Sandnes is known for many things; it was named the most attractive city in Norway (2022), and just recently, was made famous in a national tv series. The renowned sporting family Ingebrigtsen has likewise contributed to making the city known, as they are from Sandnes. The family was on all lips as they partook in a reality series about their life on the telly.

Furthermore, several athletic heroes took their first steps into successful sports careers with Sandnes as their point of departure. Henrik, Filip and Jakob Ingebrigtsen are a given on this list, however, there have also been other names within several sports genres such as football, cycling, beach volleyball, poker and weightlifting just to mention a few. The motorcycle athlete Sondre "Gekko" Haga, who has been Norwegian and Nordic champion several times, and most recently world champion in Tria2 in 2022, is also from Sandnes.

Why is Sandnes a hub for the strong and fast?

One of the reasons for this might lie in the diversity of sports facilities present in the municipality. Sandnes invests in good sports venues, there is a roller ski track and large sports halls. Also, don't underestimate all the volunteers who contribute valuable hours to promote the young and promising. Sandnes is also surrounded by nature with a large space for sports, which makes personal training and group training easy and accessible for everyone. Last but not least, in Sandnes they love to support their stars!

During a typical year in Sandnes, there are sports events organised frequently. There are those you can take part in yourself or the events where you can simply be a cheering spectator. The locals from Sandnes are eager in that respect. They support events such as the annual roller ski festival Blink every year. The whole family will typically be involved, and happily cheer on their biathlon favourites.

The sports event highlights in Sandnes

Join in on a muscle challenge yourself or watch from the sidelines. Being a spectator is perfectly fine too! Here are the unmissable events for 2023!

1 April 2023

6 May 2023

26 - 29 May 2023

3 June 2023

10 June 2023

10 June 2023

17 June 2023

18 June 2023

22 - 25 June 2023

24 June 2023

3 - 6 August 2023

19 August 2023

26 August 2023

15 - 17 September 2023

11 November, 25 November and 2 December 2023

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