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© Mathias Fredriksson

The hike to Preikestolen covers a total of 8 kilometres, and it's usual to allocate around 2 hours each way. Throughout the journey, you traverse birch forests and cross smooth rock surfaces in gently undulating terrain. The hike is demanding, but the trail is so well-prepared that most people reach the summit.

The iconic mountain plateau, measuring 25 x 25 metres, towers 604 metres above the Lysefjord. It's no surprise that both CNN Go and Lonely Planet have recognised Preikestolen as one of the world's most breathtaking viewpoints.

Every season has its own appeal!

During the peak season from May to October, the trail can get quite busy. Making the most of the long, bright summer days is a good idea. We recommend starting the hike early in the mornings or in the late afternoon to avoid the large crowds.

Fancy having the iconic mountain plateau nearly all to yourself? Then consider going during the off-peak period!

Experiencing the sunrise from Preikestolen is a distinctive memory you won't forget. The mountain hike sets off in darkness with a headlamp on. Slowly but surely, the sky adopts a chilly blue hue, which transitions into warmer shades of yellow. You shouldn't be far from the summit by then! Being a witness to the magical hush at dawn and watching the sun ascend behind the mountains is an uncommon experience.

Winter is a splendid time to visit Preikestolen. The snow transforms the landscape into a wild and beautiful wonderland. The air is fresh and clear, and the snow crunches underfoot as you move along the trail. Remember to dress in warm clothing and wear crampons on your shoes. Using walking sticks might also be wise. There's a good chance you'll be almost alone as you relish the tranquillity and take in the view of the Lysefjord and the stunning winter scenery around you. Certainly a hike that should be on your bucket list - preferably with a guide!

Regardless of the time of year you visit Preikestolen, it's crucial to have proper footwear, a packed lunch, drinks, and warm clothing in your backpack. Even if the weather is warm, there's often a chilly breeze at the summit.

At Preikestolen 365, you can get updated information about the weather, trail conditions, and parking.

Click here to view the webcam from Preikestolen Basecamp.

© Mathias Fredriksson

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© Mathias Fredriksson
© Preikestolen Basecamp
© Thomas Hawkins/Sunday Post

How to get to Preikestolen?

There are several ways to reach Preikestolen. There are daily bus departures from Stavanger city centre to Preikestolen parking area during the high season.

If you're arriving by your own car from Stavanger, you'll drive through Ryfast, which is the world's longest underwater tunnel. When you reach Solbakk, head towards Jørpeland and follow the signs to Preikestolen. There's a parking fee.

Charging facilities for electric cars are available in the parking area.

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