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This round trip takes you to Midsund, situated at the island Otrøya in the Romsdalsfjord with only a few small islets separating it from the Atlantic sea. The round trip by bus and ferry to is offered to make it possible for you to hike the Midsundtrappene, where Sherpas from Nepal have built fantastic stone steps to make the hike to the Digergubben mountain more accessible for the public. Seeing the stone work is worth the trip alone. Adding a fantastic view to mountains, fjord and the ocean definitely make this hike worthwhile.

The terrain i steep, but with the stairs it is possible for more people to do this hike. Make sure to wear adequate clothing and shoes! Norway can be chilly even in the summer. The trip is open for booking all year, but in the winter season it may not always be advisable to do the hike. Check the conditions before you go!

  • Bus departure from: Molde bus terminal, track 4

Before doing the hike we recommend that you prepare by reading more about the hike. For further route descriptions see the English edition of: De beste turene i Midsund.

Learn about the Midsund stairs

The Midsund stairs consist of four hiking trails where parts of the trails are facilitated with stone steps by Sherpas from Nepal - an impressive work is a visit worhty. In addition you get a fantastic view to the mountains, fjord and sea.

Do you wish a guided hike?

It is also possible to hire guides for the trip, contakt Utendørs in Midsund.


NOK 239


  • Molde-Midsund-Molde
  • 6413 MOLDE
70 23 88 00

Where is Bus to hike: Take the Midsund stairs to the peak?

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