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Guided hike to Kjerag

The fjord adventure would be incomplete without a trip to Kjerag bolt. The five cubic meter glacial deposit is mysteriously suspended between two rocks, with the location being a world of its own. It inspires to humbleness and gratitude for having been allowed the privilege to experience nature in its utmost purity, from the top of the world. Standing on the boulder itself is not for the faint of heart and visitors to Kjerag should be reminded that what this place has to offer is more than just an impressive boulder. Chances are you will be in awe of nature's unmistakable beauty the entire trip, culminating with the breathtaking vistas over the Lysefjord.

BASE jumpers challenge their limits on a regular basis from this majestic location and visitors may get the chance to see the "flying" daredevils in action.

We also offer the Lysefjord cruise option for the way back.

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  • Lysefjorden Adventure AS, Ulsberghagen 12
  • 4034 Stavanger


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Where is Guided hike to Kjerag?

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