There are no roads to some of these small communities. Trandal may be best known for Instagram photos of the spectacular swing where you almost hover above the fjord at Christian Gaard Bygdetun. Its many music festivals also attract a lot of visitors, as do the fantastic mountain hikes in the area. You can only come by sea on a ferry from Sæbø or Standal or by express boat or shuttle boat.

The fjord branches in two after a while, and one arm goes to Bjørke, while the other, called the Norangsfjord, takes you all the way to Øye,passing Urke on the way.Lygnstøylsvatnet lake is in the Norangsdalen valley, a narrow valley between Øye and Hellesylt. You can see the remains of house walls at the bottom of the lake, the result of a large rockslide damming the river and submerging the houses. This gives you a taste of the dramatic history of the area.

You’ll get to hear stories about the valley, fjord and hotel at the legendary Hotel Union Øye before you retire to a room bearing the name of a previous royal or prominent guest. Sagafjord Hotel at Sæbø is also a great starting point for hikes in the area, and several companies rent out cabins along the fjord.

The mountains that surround the fjord are a popular hiking area, including well-known mountains such as Slogen and Saksa. Local guide companies can accompany you on hikes in the mountains, cycling trips or kayaking trips on the fjord. Or how about kayaking in a glass bottom kayak on Lygnstøylsvatnet lake?

How to get to the Hjørundfjord

There is an express boat service from Ålesund to Øye in summer that stops at Trandal, Sæbø and Urke. Or you can travel by car and enjoy beautiful ferry crossings between Ytre Standal, Trandal, Sæbø, Skår and Leknes.

There are several ways of getting to the area by bus, boat or car.
Buses to Ørsta correspond with buses on to Sæbø.
You can take a ferry, express boat or shuttle boat to other destinations from Sæbø.
The shuttle boats are a kind of taxi service on the fjord.

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Activities and attractions in Hjørundfjorden

Hjørundfjorden offers activities for the whole family all year! Hiking, boattrips and skiing in the Sunnmøre Alps are things you will not forget.

5 day hidden fjord hike and kayak adventure

Join a small group to paddle the amazing Hjørundfjord, away from the crowds and hike some exciting trails providing fantastic views of the fjord and its waterfalls. Hiking and kayaking are a great combination, a work out for your entire body. Overnight you stay in roadless tiny villages or farms where you meet the locals. And you sleep in cozy houses while at the same time you can enjoy an evening outside by the fire. A great combination of nature and culture. While it would be an advantage, prior experience is not needed on this tour. As long as you have a decent fitness level and a sporty attitude, this hiking and kayaking tour will be perfect for you. Day 1: Start your journey and kayak to a roadless village Meet your guide and the rest of the group at Urke kaihus. You will get instructions and pack your kayak before paddling the first leg out of the Norangsfjord. You will stop for a lunch break near the small harbour of Leknes. Then you turn into the Hjørundfjord and enjoy the afternoon paddling to Trandal a roadless village where you stay on a farm with the most amazing views over the fjord and the jagged Sunnmøre Alps peaks in the background. Your guide will prepare a delicious meal, with a little help from you. Day 2: Hike into the Sunnmøre Alps Today you will hike from Trandal into the Sunnmøre Alps. It is nice to see the landscape change from green forests to rocky alpine summits while hiking up. You take a lunch break at 500 meters (1640ft) altitude at the summer farm with a great view. The sporty ones can even hike further up to the summit. Take the afternoon to relax at the farm before having a group dinner. You will spend the night at the same place. Day 3: Visit a roadless village and hike to a waterfall After breakfast you will leave the farm and paddle into the fjord towards Sæbø. Here you go on shore for a lunch break, and you will find the luxury of a small shop (the only one on this trip)! After lunch you continue towards another roadless place, a village with 2 farms. You will stay in one of these farm houses. Check in and prepare dinner with the whole group. This is a great place for an evening by the fjord enjoying the campfire or a walk to the waterfalls higher up the valley. Day 4: Explore the most impressive part of the Hjørundfjord Today you paddle perhaps the most impressive stretch into the fjord to Bjørke. The fjord makes turns and this makes it more dramatic and impressive. On the way, you land on a little peninsula near Utåløyra and pass by Viddal and Finnes before you land in Bjørke and stay at Bjørke hostel. This lovely little sleeping town has some beautiful historic boathouses.  Let's see if it is a good evening to use the outdoor grill at the hostel. Is there anyone who wants to hike up to the reservoir to get a nice view over the end of the fjord? Day 5: Paddle the final stretch back to Urke You paddle along the other side of the Hjørundfjord back to Urke. A typical lunch spot today is Viddal. This is partially the same stretch as yesterday but it is interesting to experience how different the views are while paddling in the opposite direction. Arriving at the Urke kaihus you can go for a drink with the rest of your group to "skål" on the end of this unique experience. The tour ends in time for you to get the last Hjørundfjord cruise back to Ålesund.

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What's on in hjørundfjorden?

Discover the culture and join some of the local festivals in one of the small villages in Ørsta.


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