The fish in Norway generally eat less during winter when it’s cold, but with spring and higher temperatures, the fish tend to get more active and eat more, so you might have more luck in catching any, therefore fishing in spring is ideal in Norway.

Note: Fishing in the sea is free of charge, however, quotas do apply, as well as minimum sizes for nearly all fish. Fishing in rivers and lakes generally requires a fishing license.

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Rv. 504 Fiskje

The fishing zone called Rv. 504 Fiskje is possibly the best fishing area for trout or char in the Stavanger region. It's located between Bue (E39), Varhaug and Undheim. The 30-kilometre-long fishing zone is owned by 14 property owners.

The trout and char in the rivers vary in size from small fish to fish up to 500 grams. If you're on a lucky streak, you might pull up fish of 1-2 kilos.

You can buy fishing licences for a day, week or season.