Winter magic in the fjords

Winter is the magical season in Fjord Norway. Nature becomes rawer and wilder, and flavours are enhanced. The cities and towns offer a rich and varied cultural scene.

The Norwegian fjords are transformed in winter. They become rawer and wilder, and the landscape is dominated by a constantly changing mix of light, colour and sound. Winter is the season for magical experiences in Fjord Norway, which you can experience in lots of ways.

One moment, you can enjoy an enormous sense of freedom with the landscape of ice-covered fjords, crystal-clear air and snowy mountain peaks all to yourself, and, the next, find yourself in a lively city scene, surrounded by restaurants, markets and lots of cultural events. The contrast between doing exciting activities in beautiful winter scenery and then sitting in front of a roaring fire with a hot drink does something to you.

“Are you ready to explore the magic of winter in the fjords?”

Iconic nature - Insta moment 2.0

Whether you’ve been here before or are visiting the fjords for the first time, experiencing the natural attractions in their winter splendour is really special. The air, light and colours make the landscape around the iconic attractions like Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), Trolltunga, Stegastein viewpoint and The Eagle Road viewpoint look different. Fewer people visit the attractions in winter than during summer, and you can enjoy a fantastic sense of freedom when you visit beautiful, unspoiled nature. Recharge your batteries breathing in the cool, clean air and watching the clouds veil the snow-capped mountains. This is the perfect season for a different kind of Insta moment – that you can take home to savour. You can get to many of the fantastic natural attractions in Fjord Norway on foot, snowshoes, skis or ski & sail throughout the winter, but using a guide is recommended on many of the tours.

Rough & though, or soft & easy?

Give it a go! Winter in Fjord Norway offers an enormous range of active, bracing and exciting experiences – both for those who want to venture out of their comfort zone and for those who would rather take the safe and comfortable route to new, exciting experiences. The mountains, glaciers, fjords and the long coastline make Fjord Norway a real playground. Offering everything from dog sledding, fjord kayaking or visiting blue-ice caves to going on skiing or snowshoe tours with a guide, ski touring with beautiful views or winter surfing – all through the winter. Those who want to can try a mental and physical challenge for body and mind, while others can enjoy just being and recharging their batteries. –How about outdoor yoga by the Atlantic road?


A round trip that promises the very best of Fjord Norway's contrasts

From the fjords to the coast, from tranquillity to city life – this trip offers the opportunity to experience all the contrasts of Fjord Norway in winter. Experience the highlights of Fjord Norway knowing that it’s never too far to your next adventure. Experience the iconic Preikestolen on foot or on a fjord cruise, find peace and tranquillity in the magical surroundings at The Bolder, and sample the very best local cuisine. And it doesn't stop there! The winter landscape changes at every step of your journey, and as you travel from fjord to coast, you will be greeted by crisp winter air, beautiful coastal landscapes and pulsating city life, everything you could dream of – and more. We recommend experiencing the vibrant city life in Stavanger and spending time relaxing at Sola Strand Hotel, before heading north to Haugesund and then to the charming coastal town of Skudeneshavn. For what better way of finishing your trip than by spending the night at a small boutique hotel in the magical atmosphere of this tiny coastal town? Or you may choose to journey in the other direction and end your trip on top of the spectacular Preikestolen. The choice is yours, and no matter what you choose, we guarantee you have a magical winter trip that you’ll never forget.

Worth a visit

Winter in the fjord villages

The fjord towns are perfect for experiencing authentic Norwegian culture and history, and learning more about how Norwegians go about living their lives. Many of the towns are very busy during the summer season, but you have the chance to get to know the people who live in the unique fjord towns a bit better in winter. Flåm, Balestrand, Geiranger, Ulvik and Eidfjord are examples of charming small towns. There are also lots of small towns and villages along the coast that boast a rich history and interesting cultural scene

The fjord as your pantry

You can also taste unique fjord produce in the small towns along the fjords. Winter is peak season for Norwegian seafood, and Fjord Norway boasts world-class seafood, with a wide variety of fresh fish and shellfish. Why not immerse yourself in the history of dried and salted codfish? Sample clipfish in a stew or have it the traditional way in Kristiansund, the "capital of clipfish" on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. As well as enjoying the delicacies of the sea, delicious fruit, cheese and wild sheep are distinctive ingredients from the fjords, which you will find on many restaurant menus – whether you eat at a Michelin restaurant in the cities like Stavanger and Bergen, or order local food at a nearby restaurant. Or how about visiting a farm? This will give you a first-hand experience of local produce and a chance to meet those who have grown it.

Top restaurants:

Lively and charming fjord towns

The biggest cities and towns in Fjord Norway have busy cultural calendars all winter. The Art Nouveau town Ålesund, for example, is known for its distinctive architecture, and its proud history and traditions. The energy city Stavanger is recognised as one of Europe’s biggest street art destinations. The towns are full of museums and historical sites that feature art of international standard and provide an account of what life is like in the rural communities in Fjord Norway. These places are generally open all year. The fjord towns also host concerts every week featuring everything from local musicians to international names. Concerts, musicals and shows are held throughout the winter. See our events calendar.

Explore the city

The fjords are easy to get to

They may seem pretty remote but the fantastic experiences that await on the fjords are actually much closer than you might think. There are direct flights from big cities like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt and Paris to the fjord cities Stavanger, Bergen and Ålesund, and the magical fjords are just a short train, bus or car ride from there.

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